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Planting Seeds of Hope

INC Giving Volunteers in Long Island City, New York participate in the Daffodil Project that began […]

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Overcoming Together

Texas residents are still recovering from Hurricane Harvey. Find out what volunteers in the region did […]

INC Giving Show
Wildfires in Northern California

Wildfires rage in Northern California and INCGiving Volunteers take action. Stay tuned to incgiving.org for more updates on the outreach to the Sonoma County communities.

Church News
Expression Of Love

The Church Of Christ extends its helping hand of love to those in dire need in the small village of Ladybrand, and the Capital of Lesotho, Maseru…

INC Giving Show
In Focus: Uplifting Hope Down Under

Inundated by flood waters, residents in Lismore, Australia get the help and encouragement they need to keep themselves afloat. Visit incgiving.org and ACT now.

About the INC
Could This Story Be Speaking To You?

We can’t assume we know you, what you’re looking for, or what you’re going through. But if you’re a human being in this crazy world today…

INC Giving: Geared Up

Members from New Mexico and Colorado congregations teamed up to organize free School Supplies and a […]

Appreciating Medical Professionals

“Sometimes with the work that we do, it’s really easy to get lost in the paperwork […]

Church News
Music Amplifies Love of the Brotherhood

Northwest California holds a choral presentation, Northeastern Seaboard gives winter wear to those in need and […]