INC Kids
Time to Draw Live: Aug 19th & 20th INVITATIONS

It’s August! You know what that means? James is back in the Bay Area for “Time to Draw” LIVE. This time he invited the INC Kids of France and Germany as well! So whether you’re from the San Francisco Bay Area, France or Germany, download, print and invite your friends!

French Shows Cards – Multiple Languages

DOWNLOAD NOW in your native language: Danish, Dutch, Norwegian, French, Spanish and German!

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Songs of Prayer

Choir members from all over the Ecclesiastical District of Northern Europe sing as one in their […]

Family Shows
I Am An INC Kid! – Chloe

Meet Chloe from Bonn, Germany. She is an INC Kid. Learn more about being an INC […]

European Languages
Haben Sie schon von der Kirche Christi gehört?

Vielleicht haben Sie dieses Siegel in der Stadt oder sogar online gesehen? Oder vielleicht, wurde Sie […]

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Spain, Germany and Bahrain

Evangelical Missions held in Spain, German, and Bahrain