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How to Draw a Lion – Time to Draw LIVE

Learn how to draw a lion with James and the INC Kids of Northern French!

French Shows Cards – Multiple Languages

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Ce qu’il faut faire pour être certain de reçevoir le salut (What Needs to be Done in Order to Be Certain of Receiving Salvation)

(Receiving salvation shouldn’t be a hit-or-miss careless endeavor – it should be something approached with certainty. Does the Bible teach the right way for man to be certain of receiving salvation?)

French Shows
The Purpose of Inviting People to Listen to God’s Words

Pourquoi évangélisons ou partageons-nous notre foi avec les autres quand beaucoup pensent qu’ils servent et adorent […]

À propos de l’Église du Christ

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Témoignages de Foi

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Nos Croyances

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Pour Votre Famille

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