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Overcoming Together

Texas residents are still recovering from Hurricane Harvey. Find out what volunteers in the region did […]

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Stories of Faith: Never Too Late to Learn (Podcast)

A retired military man stationed in Japan thought he knew about religion, a former Baptist and Presbyterian. Until he was introduced…

Family Shows
INC Kids Remember Brother Felix Y. Manalo

Remember Brother Felix Y. Manalo with INC Kids.

Family Shows
Sweetie Says: Prophecy and Messenger

Learn with Sweetie about prophecy and about the messenger in these last days, Brother Felix Y. […]

Inspired by the Messenger

Inspired by the Messenger What have you learned from The Messenger? Ask this question to people […]

Church News
INC Live Update 10.31.15

Young members of the Iglesia ni Cristo honored pioneering members during the INC Faith: Solid Through […]

Messenger and Procession

The humble work of a single man has become a spectacular procession of victory for the […]


Remembering our leaders, past and present.

Family Shows
Remembering Brother Felix Y. Manalo

Why is it important to remember Brother Felix Y. Manalo and his work? Find out in […]