Church News
Music and Harmony

In celebration of the Church Of Christ’s 20th Anniversary in Athens, Greece, brethren from different part of Southern Europe gather for an INConcert.

Church News
Tea & Arts Night

Like many of us, Lloyd Damian lives a busy life. See how he uses his art skills to help him cope with his day-to-day stresses.

4 ways to baby proof your marriage (blog)

After two years of marriage and nearly forty-two weeks (yes, you read that right) of patient […]

Church News
Embracing the Truth in Haiti

Camy Augustin, a citizen of Haiti and a student in the Iglesia Ni Cristo School For Ministry, returned to his home country to help spread God’s word…

Faith Speaks
Jason Pablo – The Sweetest Lemonade

Jason Pablo discovers that he may not have control over his life, but he does have control over the way he prays and what he prays for…

Faith Speaks
Emirick Juatco – Raising an autistic child

Emirick Haro finds purpose when she shifts her perspective about her autistic son.

Faith Speaks
Marcus Padilla – Life & Football

Marcus Padilla shares his passion for his faith, the game of football and the greatest lessons he has learned.

Church News
Summit of Faith

Gabby Luna faces many challenges that test her faith, just like many young members in the Church. But in the Ecclesiastical District of Northeastern Seaboard…

Church News
Keeping up with INC KIDS

INC Kids day in Northeastern Seaboard. Teachers are appreciated at the end of the school year. Time to draw live taping coming soon!