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Understanding Your Child’s Meltdown

When your child has a meltdown or a tantrum, they are trying to communicate something, learn […]

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At Home When Faith Speaks

Several months after being inspired by Faith Speaks in Connecticut, a young man shares his spiritual […]

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Where I Found My Solution

Members of the Church Of Christ continually share their faith by extending invitations to hear God’s […]

English Shows
Happy Together and Helping Others

Across Northern Europe, members of the Church Of Christ come together in activities to not only […]

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Your Victory Is My Victory

A young woman shares how Church activities, such as The Unity Games, have always been an […]

Church News
The Voice Of Splendid Fruit

Inspired by a special gathering of choir members, a young man reflects on the great gift […]

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Brought Together by Truth and Song

In Germany, members of the Church Of Christ share their faith through English, German, and music.

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Parents’ Desire For Their Children

The Church Of Christ celebrates 100 years since the establishment of the Children’s Worship Service and […]

3 Eye-Opening Lessons on Fatherhood

Fatherhood doesn’t come with a handbook. I wish it did. It would make the process of […]