Faith Speaks
Cyrus Lugtu Special Performance

“I Know You’re There” Spoken Word Piece

Faith Speaks
Edwil Antolin: “3 Eye Opening Lessons on Fatherhood”

Edwil learns to be a conscious and present dad through his Father.

Faith Speaks
Nerissa Hunter: “From Miscarriage to Motherhood”

Find out how the disappointment of miscarriages led Nerissa and her husband to a surprising turn.

Faith Speaks
Melissa Benedicto: “How to Make Room in Your Heart”

Melissa works in a challenging environment everyday but still manages to give it her all. Discover […]

Faith Speaks
Angel Deleon: “Why Music Heals”

Rain or shine, flat tire or not, Angel won’t let anything stop her from doing her […]

Faith Speaks
Robert Gillis: “For Better or For Worse”

When the love of his life was diagnosed with breast cancer, Robert hoped for the best […]

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Ariel Moline: “Why Being the ‘Church Girl’ Paid Off”

Ariel was never voted “Miss Popular” or high school prom queen, she was known as an […]

Faith Speaks – Sacramento

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Faith Speaks

“Faith Speaks” was held in Bridgeport, Connecticut in where individuals shared their stories and the importance of conversations with God.