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INCNews World: November 9, 2018

In this week’s INCNews World, watch the stories behind the new house of worship in Bristol, Connecticut (Northeastern Seaboard) and Aid to Humanity Medical Mission in the Republic of Vanuatu (Australia East). See how Church Of Christ members in the Ecclesiastical District of Northern Midwest spiritually uplifted members of their community.

Church News
An Opportunity To Learn

One woman took the opportunity to learn about the Church of Christ by participating in a […]

Church News
Where I Found My Solution

Members of the Church Of Christ continually share their faith by extending invitations to hear God’s […]

Church News
Fun, Aware, & Share: Round Up

It’s a busy time in New Zealand for members of the Church Of Christ as they […]

English Shows
Sing, Share and Strengthen

Choir members in the Ecclesiastical District of Hawaii-Pacific take part in the worldwide evangelical mission by […]

Iglesia De Cristo Mundo
Hora de la Verdad (Time for the Truth)

Felipe Sanchez de Oaxaca, México es un ex-presidente municipal que nunca dejó su confianza en la Biblia y de que había una Iglesia verdadera. Los hermanos en…

Church News
Soul-Refreshing Friendship

True friendships know no distance or time. Coupled with the true words of God, even the 5,000 miles between San Antonio, Texas to Boulogne-Sur-Mer were no obstacle for this connection. See how a friendship started by faith, goes the distance.

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A Message That Connects

Spanning over 140 countries, the Church Of Christ continues to reach out to people in various languages – including a Spanish-speaking couple from New York who attended a Bible Study, receiving a timely message.

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Diverse Languages, One Message

In Milan, Italy, members of the Church Of Christ invite friends and family for good food […]