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The Blessing After The Storm

Hurricane Michael was the strongest ever to hit Florida, but the destruction didn’t weaken Church Of […]

Natural Disasters: What’s the Plan?

Natural disasters are a part of life, but how can Christians prepare and deal with calamities?

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Good Preparation

Good preparation plays such a big part in overcoming the challenges of life. We, as individuals and as a society, make necessary precautions and preparations…

Why does God let us suffer?

It is a common question when looking at current events and disasters – why does God let us suffer? You asked, the Bible answers.

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For the Safety of Others

SCAN members from across the Ecclesiastical District of Western Canada hold a special gathering.

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Stories of Faith: Solace Amidst Danger (Podcast)

When various individuals in Oklahoma are faced with an impending natural disaster, they all gather in […]

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All around the world, tragic events are happening now more than ever. These calamities that happen […]