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Heart And Soul – It’s Not You.

When a relationship is truly over, what is the right way to let go?

Heart and Soul
Heart And Soul – Looks (Don’t) Matter Part I

This all male panel discusses physical attraction and the role it plays in finding the one for them.

Heart and Soul
Heart And Soul – It’s A Sign! Or Is It?

Ever wonder if God’s trying to tell us something? How do we know what He’s trying say? Do we ask for a sign?

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Heart And Soul: Friendships, Part II – Bro-Code, Girl-Code, Christian-Code

As if navigating the relationship landscape isn’t already challenging enough, sometimes our friends can be the […]

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Podcast: Heart And Soul: Friendships – The Ones You Keep & The Ones You Don’t

One of the most challenging relationships to navigate through is friendship. Some are long- term, most […]

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Podcast: #AskHeartAndSoul: Answers to Your Questions on Courting

Heart And Soul answers questions from its listeners on: Courting. Listen in, and learn what the […]

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Podcast: Courting – Keeping it Simple

Courting – define it, to understand its value in your life. Learn how to navigate through […]

Heart and Soul
Podcast: A Little Love Goes a Long Way

Small gestures, with big rewards – “The Little Things” are words and actions that might not […]

Podcast: The One From God – Finding the One, Being the One and Keeping the One

Whether you are single or married, re-examine the way you interpret “The One”: the who, what, […]