Church News
Building A Strong Connection With God

In preparation for the 50th Anniversary of the Church Of Christ in the Far West, Raymond […]

A New Horizon

See how the need for a place of worship in these small towns in Africa has […]

City of Dreams

Los Angeles is a city filled with dreamers, but many live without seeing them fulfilled. But does this common dream for a brighter tomorrow lead to a realization for a greater plan?

City Life or Suburban Life?

Does choosing between city life and suburban life come at a cost? Can the existence of one building cancel the debate between city and suburb life? Meet individuals who have found a way to have it all.

The Struggle Between Old and New

Is it possible for a building to keep its historic elements while updating it? See how […]

Can a natural disaster make way for blessings in Christchurch?

Can a city that has lived with so much destruction find a silver lining through the rubble?

Does form always follow function?

Can the unique architecture of the Church Of Christ worship building in Park Ridge, Illinois have a function more than just being unique?

What makes it the “right” place?

Is there such a thing as the “right” place? See how the search for a permanent place of worship brought together a congregation and a community.

A Stronger Connection in the Silicon Valley

In a region full of innovation, find out how a new worship building in the Silicon Valley is reconnecting people.