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Religious Debate in Rapid City, South Dakota

Highlights from the religious debate in Rapid City, South Dakota and a 9- year-old shares his faith with Philippine President Duterte!

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Welcoming the Truth

People from different parts of the world are introduced to truth.

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Math and Science Day

Local Congregations from all over the United Kingdom are having fun with science experiments in this activity geared towards the youth.

Church News

April is Autism Awareness month and parents share tips regarding autism. In Northwest California, married couples hold a workshop to keep the love alive…

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For the Safety of Others

SCAN members from across the Ecclesiastical District of Western Canada hold a special gathering.

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Citizens in Training

SCAN officers in Singapore are trained to respond in emergency situations.

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Celebrating One Year

Members celebrate their first year as the Ecclesiastical District of Marianas Islands.

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Inspiring Lives

Get some advice from a man who just turned 100 years young. Meet a father who’s using his life story to inspire others and see activities from around the world.

Keeping Safety in Mind

Roy Fitzgerald not only works to keep our airports safe, but he also uses his training to keep members safe.