Church News
Summit of Faith

Gabby Luna faces many challenges that test her faith, just like many young members in the Church. But in the Ecclesiastical District of Northeastern Seaboard…

Iglesia De Cristo Mundo Posters

¡Hola a todos! ¡Los carteles de Iglesia Ni Cristo World ya están disponibles para descargar! Descargue, imprima y muestre en su congregación local.

Church News
Sharpening Young Minds

The youth in the Ecclesiastical District of Australia West get creative when it comes to learning about the Bible.

INC and the Bible
Facing Trials in Life

Life is full of unpleasant experiences – it doesn’t matter what our economic status is or what we’ve accomplished. We all ask, “Why is this happening to me?” Is there a big picture to all of this pain?

Church News
United in Love

Married couples in the Ecclesiastical District of Northeastern Seaboard are reminded of their bond to one another as husband and wife.

Church News
Safeguarding Your Digital Footprint

In the Ecclesiastical District of Northern Midwest, a seminar was held to teach how to stay safe online.

Creative Christian: June – December

Print the official Creative Christian planning sheets for the rest of the year! Be confident that no matter what day, week, or month, God will guide you in all of your goals.

Church News
Finding a Way Back to God

Brother Amia Lacey was invited to an Evangelical Mission in the Church of Christ and eventually found his way back to God.

Church News
Conquering the Trails

The members of the Church in the Ecclesiastical District of Southeast California get together for a day of fitness and fun.