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“Elders are today’s heroes”

Each individual present that day might agree with this statement and each might have their own […]

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Reminded of Our Calling

Church officers throughout New Zealand gather for an inspiring message to help them carry out their duties for their fellow members, for the growth of the Church and ultimately for God.

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Significantes Logros En Hispanoamérica (Significant Achievements in Hispanic America)

Alegría en Panamá con dos Grupos de Servicio de Adoración recién aprobados. Un empresário de carrocería de autos encuentra con un cliente que…

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Blessings in Torquay

Join us as we look back on God’s love for His children in Torquay, United Kingdom, as they continue to experience His blessings during their Inaugural…

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Open Doors In Bellmore

Celebrating 23 years, the local congregation of Bellmore, New York opens its doors – and arms – to the neighborhood.

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Solid As One

Herri Sundiam along with other youth members of the Church Of Christ face all different kinds of problems…

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A Celebration of 25 Years

Members from the Local Congregation of South San Diego look back at 25 blessed years of memories and milestones.

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Music and Harmony

In celebration of the Church Of Christ’s 20th Anniversary in Athens, Greece, brethren from different part of Southern Europe gather for an INConcert.

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Generations of Continued Growth

Many generations of Church of Christ members started their roots in Northern California. And now…