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Feature News: Ansan, South Korea

Most Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) don’t just carry a suitcase onboard the airplane bringing them to another country, but also the hopes and dreams of family struggling to find greener pasture. But for one OFW, he found more than what he expected: True Faith.

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Feature News: Dubai, UAE

Most people will do whatever they can to secure a peaceful and happy life for their family. But there is something even more valuable than the things one may need in this life.

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Accepting the Challenge: Day 21 of Kindness

INC Media took the 21 Day Kindness Challenge and spent the day with Project Open Hands in San Francisco, California.

English Shows
Does Christ Know The Church Of Christ?

Does Christ know the Iglesia Ni Cristo? Is this church His Church? Does Christ acknowledge the members of this church as His?

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Feature News: Mindanao Avenue, Central

Having a stressful life and being persecuted because of your faith is hard to go through. Find out how Noel Cruz got through it in this Executive News feature.

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Feature News: Dinalupihan, Bataan

What do you do when life’s burdens get too heavy to bear? Find out how these fishermen remain firm in times of hardship.

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Feature News: Calapan, Mindoro Oriental North

Despite all the hardships we face in this life, many may think it is easier to simply just give up. Sister Evelinda is a living role model of someone who’s faith is deeply rooted.

Church News
The Feeling of Home

After a recent purchase of property by the Church Of Christ, a Philadelphia man looks back at his childhood and reflects on this greater sense of home.

Executive News
March 4, 2018 [Ansan, South Korea]

One week after officiating a special gathering in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, the Executive Minister of the Church Of Christ, Brother Eduardo V. Manalo, traveled to Ansan, South Korea to lead the brethren in a Holy Supper worship service to God.