Church News
Chroniclers Special Gathering

The importance of documenting Church history is highlighted in a special gathering of Church chroniclers, where those from Southwest California share what recording for history means to them.

Blog – The scary what if's

What happens if you’re not around, do your kids know how to take care of themselves? Read this blog if you’ve ever thought that.

Church News
A Second Chance With Life

Through a grand baptism in Orange, California, the Church Of Christ welcomes 150 new Church members, including a young man whose journey is measured in great time and distance.

Iglesia De Cristo Mundo
Hora de la Verdad (Time for the Truth)

Felipe Sanchez de Oaxaca, México es un ex-presidente municipal que nunca dejó su confianza en la Biblia y de que había una Iglesia verdadera. Los hermanos en…

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Everyday, over 188 phone calls are made to the Calgary Food Bank requesting for emergency food hampers…

Religious Programs
Is the Lord Jesus Christ the True God? (Part 1)

Is the Lord Jesus Christ the same as the True God? Discover the truth in the first part of this 2-part series (Ilocano with English subtitles)

English Shows
Sweetie Says No to Easter

What is Easter? Should we celebrate it? Find out in this “Sweetie Says.”

English Shows
Metro Manila Takes on the 21 Day Kindness Challenge

Young people living in Metro Manila, Philippines take on the INC Giving 21 Day Kindness Challenge.

English Shows
I Am An INC Kid! – Elijah

Meet Elijah from Markham, Ontario, Canada. Learn more about being an INC kid on the INC Kids YouTube channel.