Church News
Student Graduation Recognition

Youth members of the Church are recognized for their educational achievements, with one young man sharing how he sees God’s love in their success.

Church News
Building Team USA

In regional competitions across the US, thousands gathered to cheer and hundreds trained to compete and win gold;…

Church News
Lifting Voices in Praise

Colorado is usually known for its tourist attracting views, but during the District of Southern Midwest’s Choir Day…

Church News

Youth gathered in Atlanta, Georgia, where they were reminded of how to navigate their way through life as Christians and stay enlightened by their membership..

INC and the Bible
What is Truly Valuable?

Serving God and the Lord Jesus Christ inside the Church of Christ is the most valuable […]

Church News
Purchasing the Small Town of Johnsonville

With a new lease on life, an abandoned town is taken over to become a place for people to reconnect with God.

Preaching Shows
Why are there so many different Christian teachings and Churches?

How many true faiths are there? Do all preachers understand what they’re teaching? You asked, the Bible answers.

I am INC
I am INC – Leo Talento

Achieving his dreams, a video game developer shows his gratitude – not only passing on his gifts to others – but acknowledging how his dreams were truly…

Church News
World Blood Donor Day

The Church Of Christ members living in Singapore are recognized for their overwhelming response for the country’s – and the world’s – need for blood.