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Proud Through Song – INC Harmonix

Singing one’s national anthem brings a sense of pride. But for INC Harmonix, singing the national […]

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Your Way or HIS – Does it Even Matter?

Many people believe that any service rendered to God would be accepted by Him, thinking that […]

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INC Kids Explore! World Culture, Christian Culture

At Pacific Northwest’s INC Kids event, youth explore cultures from countries all over the globe. But […]

The Struggle Between Old and New

Is it possible for a building to keep its historic elements while updating it? See how […]

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Why Was Man Created?

What is the meaning of life? Are we among those who think that man’s life should […]

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The Path: Baccalaureate Celebration

Youth in the Mid-Atlantic are reminded of the path to choose, that will keep them spiritually […]

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Graces in Greece

An abundance of blessings are once again outpoured to the members of The Church of Christ […]

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Welcome, My Brethren

A day of fun and entertainment was also a day of learning as new members of […]

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Charleston 40th

Celebrating the 40th anniversary of the South Carolina local congregation, families in Charleston gathered for family […]