2019 Creative Christian Planner

Download and print the official 2019 Creative Christian Planner!  

Church News
INC Vision

INC Kids in the United Arab Emirates express their faith and Christian values as they learn […]

English Shows
Sweetie Says No to Easter

What is Easter? Should we celebrate it? Find out in this “Sweetie Says.”

English Shows
I Am An INC Kid! – Elijah

Meet Elijah from Markham, Ontario, Canada. Learn more about being an INC kid on the INC Kids YouTube channel.

English Shows
Behind the Scenes: Time to Draw LIVE – Philippines

Check out the Behind the Scenes of Time to Draw Live Philippines edition!

English Shows
Sweetie Says No to Valentine’s Day

What is Valentine’s Day or Saint Valentine’s Day? Should we celebrate Valentine’s Day? Find out in […]

English Shows
How to Color a Tarsier | Time to Draw LIVE

Watch this excerpt from the LIVE show of “Time to Draw,” and learn to color and shade a Tarsier drawing with artist, James Raiz.

Family Shows
How to Draw a Tarsier | Time to Draw LIVE

Watch this excerpt from “Time to Draw LIVE” and learn how to draw a Tarsier with artist, James Raiz.

INC Kids
How to Draw Chibi Style | Time to Draw

It’s Time to Draw with James! Learn how to draw an INC Kid Chibi style. Let’s color and shade it in, too!