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Why Did Jesus Die?

Did God send Jesus Christ to die? How does Jesus being crucified on the cross forgive […]

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Why Doesn’t the Church Of Christ Use the Sign of the Cross?

What does the sign of the cross mean and symbolize? And why isn’t it practiced in the Church Of Christ? You asked, the Bible answers.

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Haben Sie schon von der Kirche Christi gehört?

Vielleicht haben Sie dieses Siegel in der Stadt oder sogar online gesehen? Oder vielleicht, wurde Sie […]

About the INC
Avez-vous entendu parler de l’Eglise du Christ?

Peut-être que vous avez déjà vu ce sceau dans la ville ou même en ligne? Ou […]

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Hai sentito parlare della Chiesa Di Cristo?

Avete forse visto questo stemma nella vostra città oppure online? Oppure siete stati invitati a partecipare […]

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The Real Reason the Iglesia Ni Cristo Spends on Houses of Worship.

Many churches today are closing their church doors for good. This is due to the overwhelming […]

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Man Needs to be Brought to Christ

Man needs to be in the true Church of Christ in order to render worship worthy […]

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Is the Catholic Church the True Church of Christ?

The Roman Catholic Church may allegedly be the oldest institution in the western world, but does […]