Church News
Success Through Singing

A young nursing student from Gaithersburg relies on singing hymns in the Church Of Christ (Iglesia […]

Church News
The Joy Of Cooking

Choir members in Dubai, United Arab Emirates get together for the taste of good food, teamwork, […]

Church News
INCNews World: December 21, 2018

In this week’s INCNews World, see highlights from the house of worship dedication in Antioch, California, […]

Church News
The Voice Of Splendid Fruit

Inspired by a special gathering of choir members, a young man reflects on the great gift […]

Church News
Continued Growth In the Far West

Growing up in Hawaii, Joji Guitang has witnessed the growth of the Church of Christ in […]

Faith Speaks
Angel Deleon: “Why Music Heals”

Rain or shine, flat tire or not, Angel won’t let anything stop her from doing her […]

English Shows
Sing, Share and Strengthen

Choir members in the Ecclesiastical District of Hawaii-Pacific take part in the worldwide evangelical mission by […]

Church News
Love For Duty

The everyday grind can tire out even the strongest of people. Watch how one choir member […]

Church News
To Sing in Service

Choir members gathered together, singing hymns of praise, and are reminded of the importance of being steadfast and excelling in their labors for the Lord.