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A Common Bond

A common bond between choir members bring them closer to God.

Thank You For The Music, Brother Eduardo V. Manalo

Musicians, soloists, and choirs from around the world participated in the first ever Oratorio in 2014, a musical orchestra that showcased the classical side of INC Members. Listen to the struggle, triumphs, and gratitude of some of the musicians. And find out what inspired Brother Eduardo V. Manalo’s vision for the 2014 Oratorio.

Inspiring Shows
El Coro – Singing Praises in Mexico City

In preparation for Mexico’s first visit from Executive Minister Brother Eduardo V. Manalo, Southern California Choir Director Emilie Juatco reflects on the origins of the volunteer choir who traveled and witnessed the growth of the INC in the country.

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Dedicated House of Worship in Universal City, Texas

Iglesia ni Cristo Executive Minister, Brother Eduardo V. Manalo officiates the dedication of the house of […]

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Songs of Prayer

Choir members from all over the Ecclesiastical District of Northern Europe sing as one in their […]

Inspiring Shows
Stories of Faith: A Fight For His Life (Podcast)

A man regains what he’s lost, by fighting for it. This is Raymond Ang’s Story Of […]

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Choir Day in Mississauga

Choir members all over the Ecclesiastical District of Eastern Canada hold a special gathering.

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INC Kids Tour in Southern Midwest

The INC Kids Tour makes its 7th stop in the Southern Midwest and Northwest California holds […]

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Choir Day in Barcelona

Choir members from all over the Ecclesiastical District of Southern Europe gather together in Barcelona, Spain […]