Church News
Harmony Through Competition

Church Of Christ members in Florida celebrate Christian music in a choral competition and one judge […]

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The Gathering Place Indeed

The golden anniversary of the Church Of Christ in the west gathered many people from around […]

Church News International
50 Years of Blessings

Celebrating “God’s Promises Fulfilled” in California was a grand event that will be talked about for […]

Blessed Moments
Blessed Moments with Brother Eduardo V. Manalo: Stand By You

Find out what inspired Melissa Conde to write about her love and loyalty for the Executive […]

English Shows
Celebrating 50 Years In The West

Celebrating 50 years in the west, Dustin Agbayani and Kate Wetzstein recall the preparations leading up […]

Church News
55 Years of Love and Marriage

As married couples celebrate 55 years of their organization inside the Church Of Christ, one couple celebrates that same longevity of their own marriage…

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District Anniversary

Celebrating 6 years of God’s blessings, the District of Southeast Asia 2 throws a big celebration, […]

Church News
A Celebration of 25 Years

Members from the Local Congregation of South San Diego look back at 25 blessed years of memories and milestones.

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Celebrating One Year

Members celebrate their first year as the Ecclesiastical District of Marianas Islands.