INC Giving Show
Feeding the Future

INC Members in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada reach out to their neighborhood school as part of the simultaneous Worldwide Aid For Humanity project in cooperation with the Felix Y. Manalo Foundation.

Church News
Young Travellers

INC Kids get to have fun while learning – not only learning about different countries, but […]

Church News
School For Ministers – Inauguration

Forty-three years of educating future ministers, the Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church Of Christ) School For Ministers […]

Church News
Unity From Coast To Coast

Under highly competitive circumstances, the true meaning of the Unity Games never loses during the Canadian Nationals.

A Welcoming Hand

Imagine living a life where your freedom and sense of security is taken away from you. […]

Family Shows
I Am An INC Kid! – Ella

Meet Ella, an INC Kid from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Learn more about being an INC kid on and

INC Giving Show

Congolese refugees of war adjust to new living in Canada – and are welcomed to their new community by volunteers. How can you reach out and welcome someone…

We Knew Everything Was On the Line

Our parents raised us knowing that family is very important in our lives and we always […]

My Faith in One Word: Committed

I think there are times when it’s tough, and times when it’s easier. And it’s just […]