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Help in the High Desert

Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church of Christ) members from all over Southeast California travel to Victorville, California […]

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Coming Together for the Community

The Iglesia Ni Cristo Church of Christ members offer free services to help in the neighborhood […]

English Shows
Plaza of Hope

It’s hard to make ends meet these days, so members of the Church of Christ in the Bay Area reach out to their community to offer a little help.

Iglesia De Cristo Mundo
Un​ ​lenguaje​ ​universal

El condado de Los Ángeles es el hogar de la población más grande de habla hispana en los Estados Unidos. Es por eso que era de primordial importancia para los miembros de la Iglesia De Cristo en la Congregación Local de Los Ángeles y las otras congregaciones en el Distrito del Suroeste de California presentarse a sus vecinos y sus alrededores para poder vencer la barrera del idioma.

INC Giving Show
Never Alone

INC Members in Antioch, California continue to reach out to neighbors affected by the Northern California wildfires…

INC Giving Show
Never Too Young To Inspire

Youth INC Giving volunteers in Daly City, California team up with Project Green Space to make the community a little greener and a little more rainproof.

Family Shows
Creative Christian – INCKids Coloring Pages

DOWNLOAD AND PRINT now the next set of INC Kids Coloring Pages featuring the districts of Hawaii, Mid-Atlantic, and Northeast California!

He’s Listening to Your Prayers

As early as I can remember, as soon as I could talk, we’d do what’s called […]

Aid for Humanity
In Focus: Helping Rodeo, California

A member of the Church of Christ name Delia and a volunteer at the Rodeo YMCA […]