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April is Autism Awareness month and parents share tips regarding autism. In Northwest California, married couples hold a workshop to keep the love alive…

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Family Goals

The married brethren in the Ecclesiastical District of Southeastern Seaboard come together for a special gathering.

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Reinforcing the Bond of Marriage

Married members in the Local Congregation of Milan, Italy spend some quality time together.

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Strengthening the Bonds of Marriage

Married members in the Ecclesiastical District of Northern Midwest hold a paint night.

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Battle of the Wits (Concours de Sagesse)

From bible knowledge to a drawing contest, the young members in Paris, France come together for a […]

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Family Ties

The Ecclesiastical District of Northeastern Seaboard holds Buklod night, while the youth members in the district […]

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INC Live Update 01.02.16

Buklod members in Northern California get a healthy start in 2016 and Macon, Georgia in the […]

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INC Live Update 12.05.15

The Buklod organization celebrates its 53rd Anniversary with special gatherings around the world. Members in Southern […]

Inside Look
EVM CUP – Women’s Basketball Championship

Catch the final minutes of the Women’s Basketball Championship game between Western Canada and Southern California.