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How To Deal With Failure

Andre, a fitness enthusiast, talks to Donald Pinnock, a Minister of the Gospel in the Church […]

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Getting to Know the Church Of Christ

Welcome! You came to learn, to study, to grow closer to God, and maybe to have […]

God's Message Podcast
Do You Really Know Your Friend?

Choose your friends wisely, you probably heard your parents say that to you…but this advice is […]

Featured-Church News
La Iglesia De Cristo Está Ahora En Colombia (The Church Of Christ Is Now In Colombia)

Únanse a nosotros mientras vayamos a Colombia, donde la Iglesia De Cristo realizó el primer servicio […]

About the INC
What I Found in the Church Of Christ (Iglesia Ni Cristo)

See how losing a loved one and dealing with divorce led to a journey to God. […]

God's Message Podcast
Enjoying God’s Gifts

Even Though stress and disappointments are part of life, there are several ways to find peace and happiness…The Bible tells us all the things that God created just for us to be happy.

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Cyrus or Felix Y. Manalo?

Is Cyrus the bird of prey from the east? Find out if he fulfills the biblical […]

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Gaining Valuable Knowledge

One boy shares why he feels much closer to God as children in the Church Of […]

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Sweetie Says No To Tantrums

What are tantrums? Should we disrespect our parents or get angry when we do not get […]