Church News
Trading Places

A 5th grade teacher trades places with her student. A community in East London is reconnected through Neighborhood Appreciation Day. And Man-on-the-Street interviews about what people think about Easter and all it’s traditions. Plus, see the events happening around the world in this week’s INC Minute.

The Hungry Souls in Africa

By Priscilla Shelton Tyulu Though the continent of Africa is vast, the country of South Africa […]

Church News
Tackling Canadian Winters

Canada and the Northeast experience unprecedented snow and cold but see how a family tackles Canadian Winters. Marshall islands hold their first INC Giving community kids day. A community leader in Hawaii finds purpose in life and the growth of the Church in Madagascar continues.

Church News
Pastoral Visit in Mexico

Executive Minister, Brother Eduardo V. Manalo, visits Mexico. INC continues to grow in Africa, the Pacific […]

Church News
Conference of Former Pastors

Sixty former bishops, pastors, preachers, lay ministers, lay priests, and missionary priests meet in the Philippines […]

Church News
The Growth of the INC in Europe and Africa

More people continue to receive the knowledge of the truth and are called inside the Church […]

Church News
Proud INC Members Across the Globe

Members across the globe proclaim their faith loud and proud.

Church News
INC Kids Tour in Southeastern Seaboard

The 9th stop of the INC Kids Tour in Southeastern Seaboard, Walang Take Two wins in […]

Executive News
August 27, 2016 [Cape Town, South Africa]

The Executive Minister dedicates a house of worship in Cape Town, South Africa on August 27, […]