Preaching Shows
Why are there so many different Christian teachings and Churches?

How many true faiths are there? Do all preachers understand what they’re teaching? You asked, the Bible answers.

I am INC
I am INC – Leo Talento

Achieving his dreams, a video game developer shows his gratitude – not only passing on his gifts to others – but acknowledging how his dreams were truly…

INC and the Bible
Remain a Part of Christ to Be Certain of Salvation

Everyone who believes in God’s final Day of Judgment is doing everything they can to make sure they are awarded with salvation on that day…

Thank a Teacher

Name your favorite teacher. Can you picture them in your mind? Why are they your favorite?

The Details That Make the Building

Shooting the show Blueprint has given me the opportunity to explore 7 different houses of worship, […]

Faith Speaks
[Faith Speaks] Jason Pablo – The Sweetest Lemonade

Jason Pablo discovers that he may not have control over his life, but he does have control over the way he prays and what he prays for…

Faith Speaks
[Faith Speaks] Emirick Juatco – Raising an autistic child

Emirick Haro finds purpose when she shifts her perspective about her autistic son.

Faith Speaks
[Faith Speaks] Marcus Padilla – Faith & Football

Marcus Padilla shares his passion for his faith, the game of football and the greatest lessons he has learned.

Church News
Redefining Success

Members of the INC walk for a good cause in Kapolei, Hawaii. Meet an Emmy Award Winning TV producer and see how the Church is spreading the true gospel in…