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Sweetie Says No to Easter

What is Easter? Should we celebrate it? Find out in this “Sweetie Says.”

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[BLOG FOR INCGIVING.ORG] Metro Manila Takes on the 21 Day Kindness Challenge

Young people living in Metro Manila, Philippines take on the INC Giving 21 Day Kindness Challenge.

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I Am An INC Kid! – Elijah

Meet Elijah from Markham, Ontario, Canada. Learn more about being an INC kid on the INC Kids YouTube channel.

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Sharing What You Have: Filling Canadian Food Banks

Watch the effort of INC Giving Volunteers in Canada to share what they have with food banks nationwide.

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Helping Get Rid of Rubbish on Australia Clean Up Day

Yellow and white rectangles were laid neatly on the ground, one row above the other. As […]

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A Little Appreciation Goes a Long Way

Do you remember an educator that inspired you or changed your life? Ironically, those same inspiring educators are underappreciated…

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Is Exorcism Real?

Are exorcists and exorcisms real? You asked, the Bible answers.

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The Gift to Lead in the Singing of Praises

Accepting a duty in the Church is a big blessing and requires a lot of sacrifices. In her youth, Sis. Kohleen a choir leader and organist, tells us how she prioritizes her duties above all.

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[Blog for incgiving.org] Weekend of Service

#INCGiving Weekend of Service encourages everyone to put on their INC Giving T-shirts and go out […]