Winning the Game Called Life

Man smiling with video game characters behind him with text overlay I am INC, Leo Talento.

Achieving his dreams, a video game developer passes his gifts onto others and acknowledges how his dreams were truly fulfilled.

Faith of a Fighter

Man in a boxing ring with gloves with an intense look on his face with text overlay I am INC, LuDan Taquiqui.

A fighter whose power and speed go hand in hand with his love of sharing his faith.

I Found My Purpose

Man smiling in a dark room with a collage drawing behind him with text overlay I am INC, James Raiz.

Though always recognized for his creations, an accomplished artist always recognizes the Creator who makes it all possible.

Are you still unsure about meaning of life? Are you ready to understand the purpose of your life? Let the Bible answer the questions for you.

I Got My Dream Job Because of God

Man on a football field, holding a video camera pointed at a professional football player.

When a young man is blessed with his dream job, he learns to treasure his membership in the INC, his duty in the choir, and love of the brotherhood even more.

A Globetrotting Couple

Photo collage of smiling couple and a parked motorcycle with peoples shoes next to it with text overlay of I am INC, Chris and Rachel Pangilinan

A young, adventurous couple has discovered something people all over the world search for the secret to life.