Blogs: Prayer is Everything

Prayer is equal to breathing and eating. It’s essential. It’s part of life. If I took that away from my life, it would be like fasting forever, or not drinking water.

I was born and raised Jewish. I came to New York, and I was converted to Islam. I became a Muslim for 10 years. They expressed to me that Islam was the true religion. When I became a Muslim, you have to learn the Quran in Arabic. I never did that.

So here I was, a Jew first and I thought that was the true religion, and then I was told that Islam was the true religion. Religion just really didn’t become that important anymore. I just felt like I was managing my life on my own.


Actually when I was Jewish, I never really prayed that much. If you pray or not, things are pretty much the same when you’re not a member of the Church of Christ. It’s only when you are given the right to pray and have those prayers answered that it really means anything. There was something really different [inside the Church of Christ], because there’s stuff in the Bible that is taught by the true religion that you can’t get anywhere else.

I was so amazed at the teachings in the Church of Christ. I couldn’t get enough. When the minister says the topic of the worship service, or the topic of the bible study, and then he reads the 10 or 15 verses in the Bible, you can examine the evidence and see if that’s the truth.


God blessed me with the Holy Spirit, I know that. Because from the very beginning I really felt something inside that I never felt from any other religion that I was involved with before.

I’ve only been Caretaker [or maintenance personnel of a chapel of the Church of Christ] for a year and a half. I’m starting to love it more and more. Being this close to God, it’s a great thing being able to take care of the house of God. Since I’m the Caretaker, I’m here in the chapel all the time so I can avail the sanctuary whenever I need to. My day hasn’t started until I pray to God first, so that is essential to life. This is how we maintain our personal relationship with God that will lead to that perfection of our faith.


Even adults or kids or teenagers in any part of their life, prayer and this understanding of God is essential.

People of this world have no remedies whatsoever, for anything that’s happening. Our remedy is God’s help right now. My life would be nothing without praying to God. I’m here by myself basically all day – before the brethren come for a bible study or worship service or any other activity. It’s so peaceful here, it’s really a wonderful feeling to be this close, and not have to go through all the stresses in life. My life is so much better now.

Prayer is the key to everything.


– Brother Greg Chirsan