My Faith in One Word: Committed

I think there are times when it’s tough, and times when it’s easier. And it’s just a matter of hanging in through the times when it’s tough and just keep praying, and keep attending [worship services] when you’re not at the top of your game.

When I joined the Church of Christ, at 15 or 16, I never really would have thought where I would be approaching 30.


Through the years, Wendy has helped out in a lot of Church projects. Being a member of the Church of Christ has brought her a lot of joy. And happiness is something she didn’t always feel growing up.

I grew up with a single parent. My mom had past away when I was young. I grew up facing challenges and seeing my dad get through it. He is inspirational to me.

Her father, Richard, did his best to bring her up as a good person. And when he became a member of the Church Of Christ in 1998, he would even become a greater role model for Wendy.

I could’ve been subject to maybe a lot of other influences in my teenage years – drugs and alcohol or bad company.


And I feel as God kept me away or snatched me from those potentially bad things that could’ve happened.

Wendy would become a member of the Church Of Christ in 2001. And her father continues to be a positive influence on her.

I think my dad teaches me to live a quite balanced lifestyle. He teaches me what’s right. If you’re sluggish, or if you’re feeling depressed then that would be reflected in the way you think, the way you pray. Whereas, when you get a good night’s rest, then you eat properly, then you’re active. And I think also, it tends to rub off also in your faith – you’re committed to attending the worship services, and you can understand the words better when you’re listening.

One of the truths that Wendy heard as a member of the Church Of Christ, is the power of prayer.


I was in my young twenties, I wanted to excel in my career and I wanted a partner in life. And I seemed to want things all at once. But maybe I needed to learn that I needed to break things down into pieces.

I started devotional prayer at 7am in the morning. And I asked God, “Please guide me with the right opportunities to apply for.” I would not start an interview [for a job] unless I prayed.


I can’t do anything by myself. And I would mention that in my prayer.

I think I’ve learned to be more patient over the years. I think that when I was younger, I demanded more of God and I wanted things to happen right away.

We are not meant to have things all at once. Sometimes it takes a while and usually you become stronger, realizing that God is going to put challenges before you and He’s going to put tests for your faith before you. And prayer is about asking God just to get you through, because God knows essentially what we need in life, and He will answer everything in His time.

What Wendy has learned about prayer, she knows she could’ve only learned in the true Church Of Christ.

My baptism was over ten years ago, and I’m glad – I know that I’m a better person because of it.


My faith in one word is committed. I’m hopeful because I didn’t break the commandments just to get ahead. The way I live my life is what guides me to my salvation.

Wendy Collins
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