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Many are Baptized in Biblically Historic Red Sea

More people are baptized in the biblically historic Red Sea; INC in Brampton extends outreach to community amidst snow storms to celebrate 15th anniversary


Many are Baptized in Biblically Historic Red Sea

MICHAEL GUERRERO: In the continuation of this week’s episode of INC News World, more are baptized in the biblically significant Red Sea. A special recognition by the mayor of Brampton is made to a group of volunteers celebrating their 15th anniversary. Your INC News World starts now. 


MICHAEL GUERRERO: Welcome back to INC News World, I’m brother Michael Guerrero, coming to you from the San Francisco Bay area as we continue this week’s episode. The Red Sea, one of the saltiest bodies of water in the world, runs 2,250 km long between the continents of Africa and Asia. And it is also here in this biblically historic sea where we witness a very sacred event take place. 


MICHAEL GUERRERO: Joan from Tel Aviv felt far away from God, until she accepted an invitation from a member of the Church Of Christ to attend Bible studies and later, worship services inside the Church.

JOAN DELA CRUZ (NEWLY BAPTIZED MEMBER – TEL AVIV, ISRAEL): I became closer to our Lord God. The lessons in the worship services have been deeply embedded in my heart and mind. I am filled with joy because I am now a member of the Church Of Christ.

MICHAEL GUERRERO: It was a joyous day for newly baptized members like Joan, who had been waiting for this very special moment in their lives – joining the Church Of Christ. In the ecclesiastical district of the Mediterranean, members and candidates for baptism gathered in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem along with others connected via video conferencing, for a special worship service. Officiated by Supervising Minister Brother Ramil Regino, those in attendance were reminded of the importance of receiving the right to worship the true God through holy baptism. They then proceeded to the Gulf of Aqaba, located in the historic Red Sea, the sea that the Almighty God parted through the Prophet Moses so that the Israelites could escape from the Egyptians, and the same sea where candidates for baptism received this great blessing today. 

BROTHER RAMIL REGINO (SUPERVISING MINISTER, ECCLESIASTICAL DISTRICT OF MEDITERRANEAN): This was a very significant baptism because we all know that the red sea is a biblical place and servants of God were baptized here this morning.


MICHAEL GUERRERO: And with this great blessing that many were able to receive, they invite others to listen to the words of God inside the Church Of Christ. Urging friends, family, and acquaintances to experience for themselves the blessings that are in store.

BROTHER RAMIL REGINO (SUPERVISING MINISTER, ECCLESIASTICAL DISTRICT OF MEDITERRANEAN): We firmly believe that the works of propagation is the will of our Almighty God that many more people will come to the knowledge of the truth.

JOAN DELA CRUZ (NEWLY BAPTIZED MEMBER – TEL AVIV, ISRAEL): To all of my loved ones and friends who are not yet member of the Church Of Christ, I am knocking on your heart and mind that you consider to become members of the Church Of Christ. You will learn the teachings from the Bible and keep it in your heart. 

JACQUELINE BORJA (NEWLY BAPTIZED MEMBER – TEL AVIV, ISRAEL): They should also give it a chance so they can feel what it’s like to hear the truth. 

JOAN DELA CRUZ (NEWLY BAPTIZED MEMBER – TEL AVIV, ISRAEL): Now that I am inside the Church Of Christ I will continue to follow all the teachings that I have been taught. And I will tell my friends that the teachings are pure and they will remain in their hearts. 

MICHAEL GUERRERO: As more come to learn the true faith that has brought them the hope of being closer to God, it’s also their inspiration that they bring others to that same blessing found inside the Church Of Christ. To learn more about the true doctrines found in the Holy Scriptures, log on to to begin your journey.


MICHAEL GURRERO: Brampton, one of many cities in the Canadian province of Ontario, was hit with powerful snowstorms. 


HOST CONTINUED: reports have shown, “between 15 and 60 centimeters of snow falling across the provinces.”  

MICHAEL GURRERO : closing schools and major highways. But as snow delays are just part of the challenges faced by the city of Brampton, one organization provided timely help and much needed assistance in getting the residents through this bitter winter. Michael Robinson has the story.


MAYOR PATRICK BROWN (CITY OF BRAMPTON, ONTARIO,CANADA): This is an example of that, to have a winter clothing drive for the less fortunate.  Trying to get everyone to show their generosity and heart is an example of the love we see displayed every day by our faith communities.

MICHAEL ROBINSON: Generosity and love provided through the INC Giving project, reaching out to the community of Brampton with over 100 bags of winter gear and apparel to address one of the highly needed concerns of Brampton during the bitter winter season.

SERGEANT JENNIFER HORNER (PEEL REGION POLICE, BRAMPTON): Our unit is very appreciative of all the donations that you will be providing. It will definitely serve many members of our community at large across not only Brampton, Mississauga, but the GTA [Greater Toronto Area]. And you will be making a difference in people’s lives.

MICHAEL ROBINSON: Making a difference not only during the winter season but also addressing homelessness. The ongoing battle for Brampton and throughout the Ontario region where ([continued in graphics]


Host continued: one in seven Canadians live in poverty. 

MICHAEL ROBINSON: And this volunteering arm of the Church Of Christ worked with local law enforcement, the Peel Region Police, donating winter gear to be given throughout the community.

SERGEANT JENNIFER HORNER (PEEL REGION POLICE, BRAMPTON): Thank you very much for allowing us to join in your 15 years, and it’s very telling that as your congregation is to celebrate you want to give back. 

MICHAEL ROBINSON: And in response to the overwhelming donation, the Mayor of Brampton, Patrick Brown, joined in commending the Church Of Christ in its community outreach efforts in Brampton and the milestone of 15 years of the Church Of Christ being a congregation in the community while providing spiritual nourishment to its residents.

MAYOR PATRICK BROWN (CITY OF BRAMPTON, ONTARIO,CANADA): On behalf of the members of City Council, it is my distinct pleasure to extend congratulations to you on celebrating 15 years of the Lord’s goodness and blessings. May your Church continue basking in the Lord’s love and maybe His glory be your delight and his grace, your strength. Wishing you many, many more years of continued success and thank you for the spiritual nourishment that you’re giving our community.

MICHAEL ROBINSON: Even with the event streamed online for members to see throughout the district and also following social distancing protocols, it was an exercise of true faith in helping those in need.

MAYOR PATRICK BROWN (CITY OF BRAMPTON, ONTARIO,CANADA): For a long time, you have been doing that in spades in Brampton, and I want you to know the city appreciates you. 

MICHAEL ROBINSON: And even during severe snowstorms and with an ongoing pandemic, the Church Of Christ continues in providing community outreach throughout the Ontario region. Never compromising the faith they always look to exercise, doing good to others whenever possible. If you want to learn more about the community outreach being done by the Church Of Christ, visit us at Michael Robinson, Iglesia Ni Cristo News Network.

MICHAEL GUERRERO: Well, that does it for us on INC News World. Tune in every Friday for new episodes of INC News World on I’m brother Michael Guerrero. On behalf of the entire INC News World team, thank you for joining us. We hope you continue to stay safe wherever you may be. We’ll see you next time. Have a great weekend and God bless!


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Many are Baptized in Biblically Historic Red Sea