How To: Find Your Passion in Volunteering

How To: Find Your Passion in Volunteering

In most, if not all communities, finding volunteer opportunities is easy; but finding the right one for you – that might be a little more challenging … but not impossible!

You may be thinking, “why is it important to find something that is right for me? Isn’t giving and volunteering about doing something for others?” It is; helping others is about the recipient. But imagine how much more help you could be, if you participated in a project or opportunity that you are also passionate about?


Reading, gardening, talking with people, music, sports, etc. – you love these things, so you don’t even think about how much time you spend on them and even try to find more opportunities to do them, right?

Chances are, you can find a perfect match that fits what you’re passionate about. And passionate volunteers are able to contribute even more to the needs of the community, because they’re willing to go the extra mile for whatever cause they’re supporting. It is no wonder most volunteer websites use “interest” as one of their search fields.   So let’s try it:

Determine What You’re Interested In.

Do you like books? What about helping read to kids at the local community center? Do you like music and singing? Have you ever thought of volunteering to sing to patients at the local hospital or a retirement home? Or are you an artist who wants to help young people find their passion in art? Try searching for community centers in your city looking for individuals to donate their time to teach your craft.

Determine How Much Time You Can Commit. Are you looking to volunteer once a week, once a month, once a year? There’s an opportunity out there for you.

While many organizations look for 3-6 months of commitment a few hours a month, some may allow you to come in once in a while to volunteer or have one-time event opportunities. There’s even opportunities where you can be an “on-call” volunteer – coming in whenever there is an opportunity that opens up or there’s extra need with the organization.


If you can’t find an opportunity, create one! 

Sometimes what we are passionate about doesn’t fit it into the search boxes, but it doesn’t mean we can’t combine our passions with our drive to help others.  Here are some individuals who have done just that:

Coreen Joyce Alagar’s 20 for 20 Project

Chance Serrano’s Annual Band Aid Drive

Delmar Antonio’s Sports Equipment for Local Kids

If you need that extra push, below are some helpful volunteer search sites around the world. Don’t see one on the list that you’ve used before? Email, and share what other resources are available in your part of the world.


Volunteering Australia




Volunteer Canada


Volunteer Toronto

United Kingdom

Team London

Pillar Non-Profit Network

Volunteering England

Volunteer Ireland

United States

Volunteer Match

Hands on Network

New York Cares / Corporation for National & Community Service

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