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Attend a LIVE storytelling event and listen to stories of people who have chosen to deal with problems with the guidance of God. Listen to their faith speak how they found purpose through life’s toughest moments.

Meet Our Storytellers

Chelsea Malicdem

Healing the Negative Thoughts


When Chelsea’s parents found out she was cutting and harming herself, she knew she had to stop the negativity and start prioritizing her spiritual health


Adrian Villanueva

Trying My Best During a Chaotic Time


A middle schooler gets pushed to his limit when he’s diagnosed with depression during the COVID-19 pandemic. Hitting rock bottom, he learns to rely on God

Taylor Joy Lagpacan

Building Grit and Resilience


In her search for a new job, a young woman learns to deal with rejections and disappointments by growing her grit and resilience and trusting God.Building Grit and Resilience


James Johnson

is Working

Praying for guidance for most of his life, James reflects on how he saw God work in his life and how it taught him to let go and let God direct his path.

Sam Atencio

I Find Confidence Through My Family


Sam felt like an awkward kid because he grew up with a speech delay. But he finds confidence through the love of his family and his faith in God.

How to Attend Faith Speaks

Stream it on the INC Media App

1. Register to attend this one-hour storytelling event on May 28, 2023.
2. Download the INC Media app on your mobile or streaming device for the day of the event.
3. Tune in LIVE on May 28, 2023 at 6 PM Pacific Time

Attend in Person in San Diego

In the San Diego area on May 28th? Be part of the LIVE studio audience in Chula Vista. 

1. Register to attend the LIVE storytelling event.

2. Receive your confirmation in your email. Seats are limited so register early.

Venue: 1795 Rios Avenue Chula Vista, California 

Doors Open at 5:30 PM PT

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