Baptism Photo Frame

Download this unique #TrueBaptism frame, provided by the program “The Message”, for your profile photo and print one for your home! Congratulations on your baptism! When posting on social media please use #TheMessage #TrueBaptism

Preaching Shows

What does the Bible say about divorce? How does God feel about divorce? Find out what is The Message regarding this topic.

Preaching Shows
Getting Drunk

Why is getting drunk and drinking alcoholic beverages prohibited among God’s people? Are there consequences to even social drinking?

Preaching Shows
What Does The Bible Say On Healing?

It is normal to get sick, but whom do we turn to first when illness strikes? […]

Preaching Shows
Why Do People Age, Get Sick, & Die?

Illness is something everyone goes through. No matter how healthy a person is, no one is […]

Preaching Shows
Reaching Out – Is It Worth It?

All over the world, the Iglesia Ni Cristo is involved in socio-civic activities to help mankind. […]

Preaching Shows
How Can God Be The True Author Of The Bible

Why is God the true author of the Bible when He didn’t actually write it Himself? […]

Preaching Shows
What is the basis of your faith?

Many religious have various books which they base their faith upon. What is your book and […]

Preaching Shows
The True Religion

Many are hoping for change and progress to alleviate their pains and sufferings. They believe that […]