Servants of God

As servants of God, Ministers of the Gospel should be useful to the Church in carrying out […]

True Helpers of the Church Administration

Ministers of the Gospel, shepherds of the flock – they lead a life full of determination […]

6 Years of Success

Throughout the last 6 years there has been immense growth in the number of houses of […]

Building Houses of God

Discover the strenuous efforts undergone to build houses of worship – from the smallest to the […]

Swimming: Jede Tanggol

A medical technology scholar. A choir member. Meet General Santos City’s gold medalist swimmer, Jede Tanggol […]

Church News
Special Report: Chapels built simultaneously with the Philippine Arena

During the years wherein the Philippine Arena was under construction – there was a multitude of additional […]

Inspiring Shows
Leyte: One Year Later

Visit the victims of Typhoon Yolanda one year after the calamity struck, and see their recovery […]

Ang Iglesia Ni Cristo
The Kind of Service that God Seeks

Man must worship God where the Lord chooses, not where man chooses.

Ang Iglesia Ni Cristo
Those Who Truly Belong to Christ

What should be proven first by those who claim to be of Christ?