Executive News
June 27, 2017 [International Video Conference of Ministers]

For the welfare of the Church, the Executive Minister, Brother Eduardo V. Manalo, led an International Video Conference of Ministers.

INC International Edition
Raising Teens

The teenage years are one of the most crucial periods of a person’s life. It’s the time that they are transitioning to adulthood and are learning how…

Church News
Music and Harmony

In celebration of the Church Of Christ’s 20th Anniversary in Athens, Greece, brethren from different part of Southern Europe gather for an INConcert.

Executive News
June 23, 2017 [Polo, Metro Manila North]

In the Church Of Christ, another congregation celebrates its 80th anniversary– Polo in Valenzuela City. To their joy and delight, the Executive Minister led them in a worship service and also held an ordination.

Preaching Shows
If Jesus was the Word, isn’t He God?

If the Word was Jesus, and the Word was with God in the beginning – doesn’t that point to Jesus being part of a triune God-head? You asked, the Bible answers.

Church News
Generations of Continued Growth

Many generations of Church of Christ members started their roots in Northern California. And now…

Church News
El verdadero significado de Unity Games

El verdadero significado detrás de Unity Games en Irvine, California. El programa Ayuda a la Humanidad llega a Panamá y Esteban de Guatemala explica cómo…

Family Shows
Time to Draw LIVE: Drawing Sheets

Ready for the first ever Time to Draw LIVE show?

Church News
Tea & Arts Night

Like many of us, Lloyd Damian lives a busy life. See how he uses his art skills to help him cope with his day-to-day stresses.