Church News
CWS INConcert

Young members in the Ecclesiastical District of Eastern Canada showcase their talents in their CWS INConcert.

Family Shows
“My Family” – INC Kids On Tour: Northern Midwest

Musical performance by the INC Kids of Bloomingdale, Illinois at the Northern Midwest INC Kids On Tour.

Church News
Bound Together

A series of activities were held for married brethren in the Ecclesiastical District of Northeastern Seaboard.

Executive News
Feature News: Park Ridge, IL, U.S.A.

The past six weeks in the Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church Of Christ) have been nothing less than historic. What have others been saying about it? What is there to know about the Church Of Christ? Find out the answers and more in this episode of the Executive News.

Family Shows
INC Kids On Tour-Northern Midwest [ We are INC For Life ]

Musical performance by the INC Kids and INC Kids Volunteers at the Northern Midwest INC Kids On Tour.

Cebuano Shows
Undangon ang binata nga pamaagi sa pagkinabuhi (Put Away Childish Ways)

We spend so much time being certain of things in life – our career, investments, family decisions. But when it comes to our relationship with God and religious decisions, it seems for many their mature decision-making process is disregarded and many maintain a status quo. Shouldn’t religious decisions to be met with the same maturity as other life decisions?

Church News
Tackling Canadian Winters

Canada and the Northeast experience unprecedented snow and cold but see how a family tackles Canadian Winters. Marshall islands hold their first INC Giving community kids day. A community leader in Hawaii finds purpose in life and the growth of the Church in Madagascar continues.

Executive News
February 11, 2017 [Sta. Barbara, Bulacan, Philippines]

After a series of historical pastoral visits abroad, the Executive Minister does not stop in seeing to the spiritual needs of the brethren. This time in the local congregation of Sta. Barbara, Bulacan North.

Family Shows
“Though I’m Little” – INC Kids On Tour: Southern Midwest

Musical performance by the INC Kids of Lubbock, Texas, Memphis, Tennessee and Little Rock, Arkansas at the Southern Midwest INC Kids On Tour.