Preaching Shows

What does the Bible say about homosexuality and homosexual acts? What is the true Christian approach to this topic? You asked, the Bible answers.

4 ways to baby proof your marriage (blog)

After two years of marriage and nearly forty-two weeks (yes, you read that right) of patient […]

Church News
Embracing the Truth in Haiti

Camy Augustin, a citizen of Haiti and a student in the Iglesia Ni Cristo School For Ministry, returned to his home country to help spread God’s word…

Family Shows
Time to Draw LIVE: Poster and Invitations

Time to Draw is going LIVE! Download these posters and invitations to the LIVE show and […]

Thank a Teacher

Name your favorite teacher. Can you picture them in your mind? Why are they your favorite?

The Details That Make the Building

Shooting the show Blueprint has given me the opportunity to explore 7 different houses of worship, […]

Church News
The Universal Language of Music

In the Ecclesiastical District of Southeast California, members showcase their talents through music, song and dance.

Faith Speaks
Jason Pablo – The Sweetest Lemonade

Jason Pablo discovers that he may not have control over his life, but he does have control over the way he prays and what he prays for…

Faith Speaks
Emirick Juatco – Raising an autistic child

Emirick Haro finds purpose when she shifts her perspective about her autistic son.