Executive News
Feature News: Marseille, France

Marseille’s melting pot of migrants has moved there for shelter, change of scenery, and more typically for a brighter future. But what happens when finding greener pasture doesn’t turn out to be as easy as it seems?

Executive News
Feature News: Barcelona, Spain

The Spanish Empire once changed the religious climate of the world, which changed the lives of its countless citizens. Hundreds of years later, amongst the climate of religious recession, another change has taken place.

Family Shows
Sweetie Says: Patience

What does Sweetie say about patience? What is it and why should we have it?

Faith and Family
3 parenting methods to leave to the husbands

There are 3 parenting methods we should leave to the dads because as heads of households, they are just more effective at it than moms are…

Church News
Finding a Way Back to God

Brother Amia Lacey was invited to an Evangelical Mission in the Church of Christ and eventually found his way back to God.

Executive News
Feature News: Rome, Italy

The loss of religious spirituality and scandals have driven many to leave the Catholic Church. Having […]

Preaching Shows
Good Scientist AND a Good Christian?

Science and religion are often seen in opposition. Can someone be a good scientist and still be a good Christian? You asked, the Bible answers.

Church News
Conquering the Trails

The members of the Church in the Ecclesiastical District of Southeast California get together for a day of fitness and fun.

A Welcoming Hand

Imagine living a life where your freedom and sense of security is taken away from you. […]