Blessed Moments
Blessed Moments with Brother Eduardo V. Manalo: Words of Encouragement

See how the words of God have always given Sandy the strength to face life’s struggles, […]

Executive News
Feature News: Henderson, Nevada, USA

Keep It Aflame
Freddy Jones had millions and there were many who wanted what he had. One day, he found something much more satisfying than the material wealth he had gained.

Find out what that was in this Executive News feature.

Executive News
Feature News: Copperas Cove, Texas

What’s your most cherished thing in life? For Kimmie De Lorenzo the answer was simple. Find out what that was in this Executive News Feature, “Most Cherished.”

Executive News
Feature News: Detroit, Michigan

In today’s society, raising a child might seem like a daunting task. Find out what Jeff Wild holds onto as he raises his children.

English Shows
What is the Definition of a Saint?

What is the definition of a saint? Are there people, dead or alive, considered truly saints? […]

Church News
Celebrating God’s Promises

The Church Of Christ everywhere celebrates its Golden Anniversary in the west with a woman from […]

Iglesia De Cristo Mundo
Brillando Más Brillantemente (Shining more brightly)

Con una capilla recientemente dedicada, Alex, George y los demás de los miembros de la Iglesia […]

English Shows
Hospitality at It’s Best

Jandae Matthews feels the great hospitality of INC GivingVolunteers during the Neighborhood Appreciation Day in Oxnard, California

Executive News
September 8, 2018 [Washington, D.C.]

For the continuation of the 50 years of the Church Of Christ in the West celebration, the Executive Minister of the Church Of Christ, Brother Eduardo V. Manalo, travels to the capital of the United States of America, Washington, D.C., to lead the brethren in a worship service to God on September 8, 2018.