Why does God let us suffer?

It is a common question when looking at current events and disasters – why does God let us suffer? You asked, the Bible answers.

Family Shows
“Brave” – INC Kids On Tour: Alaska

Musical performance by the INC Kids of Alaska at the INC Kids On Tour.

Heart and Soul
Ambition = Attraction?

Is ambition as attractive for women as it is for men?

Church News
Safeguarding Your Digital Footprint

In the Ecclesiastical District of Northern Midwest, a seminar was held to teach how to stay safe online.

INC International Edition
Is There True Happiness?

Have we ever felt just so sad that we could not help but cry out as we suffer through life’s difficulties and sadness? Can we ever have true or lasting happiness?

Executive News
May 28, 2017 [Ansan, South Korea]

After a series of Pastoral Visits in Europe, The Executive Minister, Brother Eduardo Manalo led the brethren in Ansan, South Korea in a worship service to the Lord God.

Family Shows
“Parent’s Appreciation” – INC Kids On Tour: Southwest California

Musical performance by the INC Kids of Southwest California at the INC Kids On Tour.

A Stronger Connection in the Silicon Valley

In a region full of innovation, find out how a new worship building in the Silicon Valley is reconnecting people.

Church News
INC Member Speaks at Alamo City Comic Con

James Raiz, host of “Time to Draw,” speaks at the Alamo City Comic Con! Plus, members of the INC from different parts…