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Is God a Trinity?

Many people who consider themselves as Christian believe in the doctrine of the Trinity, which says […]

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Family Board Game Night

Further placing importance on spending time together, families of the Church Of Christ in the Northeastern […]

Executive News
May 4, 2018 [Lubao, Pampanga West]

For over 98 years the Local Congregation of Lubao, Pampanga has gone through different types of hardships. With God’s help, they have triumphantly overcome them and on May 4, they commemorated their anniversary with a worship service to God led by Brother Eduardo V. Manalo.

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Big Hearts Shaping Little Minds

In Orlando, Florida teachers are grateful for a day they feel appreciated for their care and […]

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Keeping Storm Drains Clean in High Point

Watch as INC Giving Volunteers help the city of High Point keep storm drains clean for the benefit of […]

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Celebration Of Love For Our Spouse

Married couples in the Pacific Northwest also join in the celebration of 55 years of their […]

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Why Did Jesus Have to Die?

What is the significance of Christ’s death? Was it necessary to happen? You asked, the Bible […]

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Gideon Gives

You are never to young to give as this young INC Giving volunteer proves. Watch what […]

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Southeast Asia 2 Roundup

With all that’s happening in Southeast Asia 2, here’s quick recap of all the activities.