Church News
Purchasing the Small Town of Johnsonville

With a new lease on life, an abandoned town is taken over to become a place for people to reconnect with God.

Preaching Shows
Dinero: Resolver un Problema Familiar Común

La vida del hombre en este mundo está llena de problemas. Enfrenta retos y luchas diarias. Y, no importa donde vaya, los problemas y las dificultades…

Preaching Shows
Why are there so many different Christian teachings and Churches?

How many true faiths are there? Do all preachers understand what they’re teaching? You asked, the Bible answers.

I am INC
I am INC – Leo Talento

Achieving his dreams, a video game developer shows his gratitude – not only passing on his gifts to others – but acknowledging how his dreams were truly…

Church News
World Blood Donor Day

The Church Of Christ members living in Singapore are recognized for their overwhelming response for the country’s – and the world’s – need for blood.

INC Giving Show
Helping Hand for the Overwhelmed

Coping with the largest flood in more than 40 years, the people of Gatineau are overwhelmed […]

INC Giving Show
“Elders are today’s heroes”

Each individual present that day might agree with this statement and each might have their own […]

INC and the Bible
Who Are the Children of God?

To be counted among God’s children, people should first be redeemed by the blood of Christ; that’s why people need to be members of the Church of Christ…

INC Giving Show
In Focus: Uplifting Hope Down Under

Inundated by flood waters, residents in Lismore, Australia get the help and encouragement they need to keep themselves afloat. Visit and ACT now.