Church News
Manukau Family Sportsfest

Families in Manukau, New Zealand come together to strengthen their physical well-being and their love for the brotherhood.

Church News
Together Tonight

The members of the Church Of Christ from different parts of Ireland dined together and spent a night filled with smiles and laughter alongside their…

INC Giving Show
New Life in Johnsonville

This special episode takes you to Johnsonville Village in East Haddam, Connecticut where INCGiving volunteers meet and greet the community with a Neighborhood Appreciation Day.

Preaching Shows
Who is Jesus, and Who is God?

Who is Jesus, and Who is God? Also, does Christ have a family somewhere in the […]

Church News
Helping Those In Need

Reaching out to their fellowmen in need, the members of the Church Of Christ from A’ali […]

Executive News
September 30, 2017 [Muntinlupa, Metro Manila South]

On September 30, 2017, the Executive Minister, Brother Eduardo V. Manalo, visited the brethren of the Local Congregation of Muntilupa, and led them in a worship service to God.

Executive News
Feature News: Banaba Cerca, Cavite South

Because of her loyalty, God rewarded her whole family. Watch how sister Rosa proved her unfailing loyalty to God.

Executive News
Feature News: Caloocan, Metro Manila North

Despite the odds, Virgilio is able to meet the needs of his family. Find out how on this Executive News featured story.

Church News
Seminar For Missionary Workers

With the fast-paced and widespread propagation work in India, the Church Administration sends ministers to India to conduct a training seminar…