Executive News
Feature News: Punturin, Metro Manila North

Conrad went to Manila for the search of a good fortune, and he was able to find more than what he could’ve expected. Find out what that is in this Executive News Feature “Full Dedication.”

Executive News
Feature News: Nagoya, Japan

After going through a painful divorce, Akira Komatsu thought he would never be able to find love again. However, along his search, he found something of greater value.

Church News
God’s Plan In My Life

The Church Of Christ continues to grow in Sarasota, Florida with a family man sharing the […]

Featured Slides
The Must-Do’s in Livelihood

Ever since Adam and Eve committed sin, man has had to work to earn a living. […]

Church News
My Faith And My Family

In every worship service and gathering in the Church Of Christ, the officers dedicate their time […]

Executive News
November 25, 2018 [Kaohsiung, Taiwan]

On November 25, 2018, just one week after officiating a worship service in Taipei, Taiwan, Brother Eduardo V. Manalo traveled to Kaohsiung to lead the brethren along with their guests in a worship service to God.

Church News
INCNews World: November 23, 2018

In this week’s INCNews World, take a sneak peek at the rehearsals for the Oratorio at […]

English Shows
Welcoming Teachers To The Community

Mary Entera and Elena Mendoza are among the teachers from the Philippines who were recruited to […]

Church News
The Special Ingredient In Quality Time

A cook-off challenge in Southwest California brings members of the Church Of Christ together for good […]