Church News
Abundant Fruit in Africa

As the light of truth reaches Africa, God’s words spread throughout the continent, bearing abundant fruit as more people are baptised in this part of the world.

Executive News
Feature News: Templo, Central

Having a good education and career are what many of the youth today are striving for. For young members of the Church Of Christ who also want to have a good future in this life, they strive to do the most important thing in their lives. Find out what that is in this Executive News feature.

Executive News
Feature News: V. Luna, Quezon City

A girl leaves home to take a chance on giving her family a better life. But she discovered that there’s a more important thing that she should be sharing with her loved ones.

Family Shows
How to Draw a Tarsier | Time to Draw LIVE

Watch this excerpt from “Time to Draw LIVE” and learn how to draw a Tarsier with artist, James Raiz.

Preaching Shows
Is God Ignoring My Prayers?

In the process of asking something from God through prayer, is He ever slow in answering? Do our actions have anything to do with receiving an answer? You asked, the Bible answers.

INC and the Bible
The Divine Purpose of Administering the Church Of Christ

God utilizes the Church Administration to bring every member of the Church of Christ to spiritual maturity and thus be saved on the Day of Judgment.

Executive News
December 23, 2017 [Project 4, Quezon City]

After leading the Thanksgiving worship service to God in Singapore, Brother Eduardo V. Manalo, visited the local congregation of Project 4 on December 23, 2017, to prepare them for the upcoming year.

Church News
Devoted To Praise

A special gathering of choir members in Northern Midwest has one choir leader express her lifelong dedication to her duty and how that dedication continues in her family.

Church News
Our Promise to Teach

Even at a young age, children are taught the words of God. Raised to value His teachings, many are now the youth mentors who want to share this same love for their Christian service inside the Church Of Christ.