Truth Uncovered
Truth Uncovered: Behind The Apostasy

What is the history of the Church founded by our Lord Jesus Christ in the 1st […]

El Mensaje
Donde Se Encuentran Los Verdaderos Creyentes

Para mucha gente, simplemente creer en Dios es suficiente. Pero además de creer en el Señor […]

Christian Music Videos
In His Hands

Lyrics, Music & Arrangement by: Gabriel Mendoza Vocals by: Ergem Augusto Produced by: INC Media Services

Family Shows

Let’s sing about being brave. We should be brave to do what is right even if […]

English Shows
Lunchbox Story Tellers: Kayla Jove

Children sharing stories about their everyday life their family and their friendship with God.

Christian Music Videos
Battle Cry

Lyrics & Music by: Rex Rosquites Performed by: Gina Beard Produced by: INCTV

English Shows
Soul, Spirit & Body

Soul, Spirit & Body: What happens after a person passes away? Do we have a place […]

English Shows
Featured News: Yorkdale, Ontario, East Canada

In  North York, Ontario, Canada, there’s a new house of worship that stands with the seal […]

El Mensaje
Lo Que La Iglesia Es y No Es

¿Qué es la Iglesia De Cristo tal como la define y describe la Biblia? Los que […]