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Featured News: Virginia Beach, Virginia, U.S.A

Activities in the city of Virginia Beach may vary depending on the season, but find out […]

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Hay Solamente Un Dios En Todo Momento, El Padre (There Is Only One God At All Times)

Cualquiera que quiere estar seguro que pertenece a la verdadera religión y que está sirviendo a […]

My Countrymen My Brethren
My Countrymen My Brethren: Dominican Republic

My Countrymen My Brethren: Dominican Republic

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Is the Bible the only source of God’s words?

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Internet Safety

The Internet is great but we should be careful when using it. Learn how to be […]

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La Trinidad (The Trinity)

Muchas religiones en actualidad que profesan ser Cristianas están convencidos que el único Dios quien la […]

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INC Giving: NAD Battersea

INC Giving Volunteers invite neighbors to see the newly renovated house of worship in Battersea.

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INC Giving: Apple

Join Apple and her family as they perform an act of kindness at a local senior […]

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INC Giving: Share Faith

Find out what motivates these Iglesia ni Cristo members to share their faith..everyday.