El Mensaje
Los Falsos Profetas, Parte Dos (The False Prophets, Part 2)

En nuestro episodio anterior, aprendimos que los falsos profetas, quien llevaron a la apostasía o el […]

INC and the Bible
Christian Parenting: Caring For The Youth

The families who uphold the values taught by the Bible are truly blessed.

English Shows
Battle Cry 2.0

Lyrics and Music by JR Engay Arrangement by Jeriel de la Cruz Vocals by Jenesa Grace […]

English Shows
Winning God’s Favor or Man’s

Our behavior is sometimes influenced by those around us. Do you strive for the latest styles […]

INC and the Bible
Before It’s Too late

We can’t afford to waste time. It’s essential to make good use of it – find […]

Family Shows
Let’s Sing: Obedience

Find out why we should follow instructions especially God’s commandments.

English Shows
Let Us Be Dedicated in Serving God

What are the great benefits of dedicating ourselves in the true worship of God? How can […]

Inside Look
Inside Look: National Unity Games Canada

See highlights from Canada’s National Unity Games.

English Shows
Don’t Be Deceived!

As Judgement Day draws closer, the devil is doing all he can to deceive people. Find […]