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Life is Too Short

Life is too short, so learn how to make the most out of your life.

“Forgiveness” – WORD (Buklod Promo)

Join the ladies of WORD as they discuss the power of forgiveness and see for yourself […]

El Mensaje
La Cabeza de la Verdadera Iglesia de Cristo (The Head of the True Church of Christ)

La Iglesia Católica cree que son la verdadera iglesia a través de la autoridad de su […]

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Should We Worship the Virgin Mary

Who is Mary? Is she the mother of Jesus? Is she the mother of God? Should […]

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Should we celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Did you know Valentine’s Day is not in the Bible? Learn more facts about Valentine’s Day […]

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Featured News: 85th Anniversary of Nueva Ecija

Sharing the faith is how members of the Church Of Christ show their love for their […]

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February 20 [Philippine Arena, 85th Anniversary of Nueva Ecija District]

Brother Eduardo V. Manalo led the Evangelical Worship Service in Philippine Arena for the celebration of […]

Religious Programs
Making Difficult Decisions

When it comes to making difficult decisions in life, what should be our basis for making […]

Behind the Scenes
Through The Lens – Centennial Series: The Clothespins

Go behind the scenes of Centennial Series and learn how the idea of the clothespins came […]