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Featured News: Rome, Italy

Exactly five years since becoming the Executive Minister, Brother Eduardo V. Manalo led the 45th Ordination, […]

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September 7 [Rome, Italy]

In Southern Europe, the first ordination of new ministers and the inauguration of a new extension […]

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Live in the Light

Those that are in the dark are not aware of their true surroundings and are in […]

Build & Repair: Progress Continues

A new building for the College of Evangelical Ministry; the fabrication of material at the Construction […]

Centennial Featured
Ten Commandments

Are there only 10 commandments to follow?

Centennial Featured
The Only True Solution to Man’s Misfortune

It is natural for man to search for solutions to his problems and misfortunes. What is […]

CMV – Shine

Lyrics and Music by Voices of Zion Produced by INC Media Services

Centennial Featured
Iglesia Ni Cristo and the Bible – The International Centennial Special

Taking a closer look at the 100 years of God’s blessings through the achievements and progress […]

Centennial Featured
The Apostasía (The Apostasy)

¿Qué queremos decir cuando decimos que la apostasía sucedió en la primer Iglesia? ¿De qué se […]