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February 28 [ Seattle, Washington ]

Seattle, Washington — the first ever Holy Supper worship service that was led by the Executive […]

The Summit – Q&A Promo

Find answers to questions regarding drinking, clubbing, and tattoos. Videos to be shown in Kadiwa/Binhi meetings. […]

Church News
Church News Update #671 (SCAN / PARA)

SCAN International member honored by PARA (Philippine Amateur Radio Association)

Let's Talk
Life is Too Short

Life is too short, so learn how to make the most out of your life.

“Forgiveness” – WORD (Buklod Promo)

Join the ladies of WORD as they discuss the power of forgiveness and see for yourself […]

El Mensaje
La Cabeza de la Verdadera Iglesia de Cristo (The Head of the True Church of Christ)

La Iglesia Católica cree que son la verdadera iglesia a través de la autoridad de su […]

English Shows
Who is the Real Mary, Mother of Jesus?

Catholics uphold Mary, the mother of Christ, in very high regard. For them, she is a […]

Family Shows
Should we celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Did you know Valentine’s Day is not in the Bible? Learn more facts about Valentine’s Day […]

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Featured News: 85th Anniversary of Nueva Ecija

Sharing the faith is how members of the Church Of Christ show their love for their […]