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Is Changing Religions a Sin?

Are all religions the same? What should be one’s basis in choosing a religion? You asked, […]

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Finding Real Love

It may feel right, and we may think we’ve known it, but there is more to […]

Church News
Giving A Life Line

One woman continues to speak of the importance of giving blood as members of the Church […]

Church News
INCNews World: November 30, 2018

Watch stories from the house of worship dedication in Ridgecrest, California, and let’s also take a […]

English Shows
Showing Respect & Gratitude To Our Teachers

Linsey Garr and Maria Broadhead are deeply touched by the love and respect the INC Giving […]

Church News
Working Hand In Hand For The Community

Brethren in Romford, United Kingdom work hand in hand in a clean-up drive to help their […]

Sweetie Coloring Pages

Get to color in your favorite Sheep! Sweetie! Take a photo with it, hashtag and tag […]

Executive News
Feature News: EVM, Cavite South

“Age is but a number,” a saying all too true for these men who have dedicated their lives for something bigger than themselves. Find out what that is and what keeps them moving forward as they help lead the next generation of Church Of Christ members, in this Executive News feature.

Executive News
Feature News: Taytay, Rizal

For the Enisimo family, running their family business has its struggles. But how would they be able to overcome the greater trials in life?