Executive News
August 13, 2017 [Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia]

On August 13 , 2017, the Executive Minister led brethren from the Ecclesiastical District of Southeast Asia II in a worship service in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

INC International Edition
The True Baptism

Were you baptized? How were you baptized? Many churches baptize but it’s very important for us to make sure that the way it’s done is in keeping…

Church News
God’s Work Extends in Portlaoise

The Church of Christ continues to grow in Ireland as an Inaugural Worship Service was held in Portlaoise.

INC Kids
Time to Draw Live: Aug 19th & 20th INVITATIONS

It’s August! You know what that means? James is back in the Bay Area for “Time to Draw” LIVE. This time he invited the INC Kids of France and Germany as well! So whether you’re from the San Francisco Bay Area, France or Germany, download, print and invite your friends!

INC Giving Show
Never Too Young To Inspire

Youth INC Giving volunteers in Daly City, California team up with Project Green Space to make the community a little greener and a little more rainproof.

Does form always follow function?

Can the unique architecture of the Church Of Christ worship building in Park Ridge, Illinois have a function more than just being unique?

Church News
Building Strong Roots in Alabama

Prayers are answered, as Huntsville becomes home to the first INC house of worship purchased in Alabama. The congregation prepares the new property for its Inaugural Worship Service and opens its doors to the neighborhood.

Church News
The Truth Reaches Cosenza, Italy

The truth continues to spread in Consenza, Southern Italy.

50 West

Join us as we celebrate 50 years of God’s blessings and find out how you can help the work that began on the shores of Hawaii to continue moving onwards. Visit iglesianicristo.net/50west to learn how you can be part of the story.