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2014 Year End Special

New Year’s Resolutions: around the world people are deciding to improve their lives in one way […]

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Featured News: Charleston, South Carolina

Faith is a key factor in receiving salvation but is it the only thing we need […]

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The Essential Truth for Salvation

The Church of Christ has experienced immense growth around the world. So why then, does the […]

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March 21 [ Charleston, South Carolina ]

The Executive Minister visits the brethren in Charleston, South Carolina, leading them in their worship to […]

Church News
INCTV Philippines: Church News Update #675

Due to tremendous growth and success, the province of Cavite, Philippines was split into two Ecclesiastical […]

Brother Eduardo V. Manalo: 5 Years of Divinely Inspired Leadership

Acknowledging Brother Eduardo V. Manalo’s 5th year of successful leadership as the Executive Minister of the […]

Church News
INCTV Philippines: Church News Update #691

Large Baptisms held in the Ecclesiastical District of Rizal, Philippines

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Featured News: Staten Island, New York

Amidst trials, difficulties, and even extreme calamities that people encounter in life, the greatest help members […]

Church News
INCTV Philippines: Church News Update #700

Meet the International Solo Singing Competition entries from Region 3A of the Philippines, at their regional […]