Family Shows
Sing-Along: Parents Appreciation

What better way to appreciate our parents than with a song? Sing-along with Let’s Sing!

Family Shows
October Birthdays

Happy Birthday INC Kids! If it’s your birthday or you know someone celebrating his or her […]

Through the Lens: Let’s Sing & INC Giving Show LIVE

In this episode of Through the Lens, the INC Giving Show & Let’s Sing go LIVE. […]

INC Giving Show
INC Giving, In Focus – Heroes Night in Pensacola

Public service organizations in Pensacola, Florida receive an all-star tribute from INC Giving volunteers for outstanding […]

Executive News
November 30, 2015 [New Era General Hospital, Quezon City]

To serve the health needs of the brethren, primarily the ministers and evangelical workers of the […]

Church News
INC Live Update 11.28.15

Western Canada holds their CWS Band Together, Southeastern Seaboard and Southern Europe have a CWS Special […]

Executive News
Feature News: New Era Alang-Alang Leyte

The Church continues to fulfill what God expects of us. One of these being is building […]

Executive News
November 27, 2015 [New Era, Alangalang, Leyte]

Brethren from around the ecclesiastical district of Leyte East joined the local congregation of New Era, […]

PSA – Power of Prayer

When you’re surrounded on all sides by darkness, you may find that closing your eyes rekindles […]