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Our Lord Jesus Christ

Why does the Church of Christ teach that Jesus Christ is man in nature?

Cebuano Shows
The Absolute Oneness of the True God

There is only one God, in all place and at all times.

Behind the Scenes
Through the Lens-Centennial Series: The Music

Go behind the scenes with the music of Centennial Series.

English Shows
Who is God?

When it comes to the topic of God, there is no shortage of opinions that people […]

English Shows
Featured News: National City, California

In setting priorities, members of the Church Of Christ put FAITH as their top priority in […]

English Shows
April 11, 2015 [ National City, California ]

Brother Eduardo V. Manalo continued his series of Pastoral Visits in North America by visiting brethren […]

Ang Iglesia Ni Cristo
The Importance of the True Religion

Man must become a member of the true religious organization to be a true Christian.

European Languages
Good Works That Will Not Be In Vain

Is it true that regardless of one’s religion or beliefs, a person will be saved if […]

European Languages
Those Who Have Hope and Those Who Have No Hope for Salvation

Who among those who hope for salvation will be disappointed in the end?