INC Giving Show
2015 INC Outreach

In 2015, the outreach efforts of the Iglesia Ni Cristo, Church of Christ continued to expand. […]

The Family: A Team Effort

FAITH & FAMILY The Family: A Team Effort Today we often compare families to a team. […]

El Mensaje
El Mensaje – Año en Revisión

Únese a El Mensaje mientras recordamos los momentos memorables de 2015. Share80+14ShareTweetPin84 Shares

Church News
INC Live Update 01.02.16

Buklod members in Northern California get a healthy start in 2016 and Macon, Georgia in the […]

Executive News
Feature News: Phnom Penh

“Happy New Year” is just the perfect greeting for the brethren in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Find […]

English Shows
Best Family Moments of 2015

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Executive News
January 3, 2016 [Phnom Penh, Cambodia]

Once again a new year begins for the Church. The first stop for the Executive Minister […]

Executive News
December 2015 (Annual Summary)

The Year 2015 has gone by fast, but the triumphs and victories God has bestowed for […]

I am INC
I am INC – Chris & Rachel Pangilinan

A young, adventurous couple has discovered something people all over the world search for the secret to […]