Church News
Evangelical Mission in Narra, Palawan South

Witness an Evangelical Mission in the town of Narra, Ecclesiastical District of Palawan South, Philippines.

INC Giving Show
New Season of the INC Giving Show – Coming Soon!

Catch all-new episodes of The INC Giving Show, coming soon to and DirecTV 2068.

Executive News
Featured News: Philippine Arena

What is the most important knowledge one should seek, more than their scholarly education? Find out […]

Executive News
May 19, 2015 [ Philippine Arena ]

New Era University’s 40th Commencement Exercises began with a special thanksgiving worship service, which was led […]

Church News
National Crime Prevention Week

National Crime Prevention Week – Awareness Drive held at New Era University

Church News
INC Members Compete in International Math Competition

Headlines: 7th Ordination of Ministers in the Centennial Year; INC Members compete in the International Math […]

Church News
Baptism at Templo Central

Watch people receive their Holy Baptism at Templo Central, and the joy and happiness shared with […]

English Shows
Performing Praises Unto God

Brethren from Northern California and Southeastern Seaboard perform their love for God through music.

God’s Plan Concerning Salvation

Learn what the Bible says about salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ and His teachings.