Landas ng Buhay
Sister Rosemarie Laurente

Sister Rosemarie’s childhood goal was to become a nun in the Catholic Church, and she dreamed […]

Preaching Shows
Why is there evil, if all of us were created good?

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Executive News
June 12, 2015 [ Candelaria, Quezon, Philippines ]

Twenty-two more ministers of the gospel were added to the Church Of Christ in the Executive […]

Church News
Spain, Germany and Bahrain

Evangelical Missions held in Spain, German, and Bahrain

El Mensaje
El Mensajero Llamado Por Dios En Estos Últimos Días (The Messenger Called by God in These Last Days)

Mensajeros han sido enviados a predicar las palabras de Dios. Según la Biblia, los mensajeros son […]

Preaching Shows
Diet and Exercise

Find out about the importance of diet and exercise in our liv es, according to the […]

Lingap Sa Mamamayan
Felix Y. Manalo Foundation

Discover how the Last Messenger of God continues to inspire the social service goals of the […]

INC Giving Show
INC Giving, In Focus – Orlando Mural Painting

Volunteers in Orlando, Florida help restore the history of this Children’s Community Center through art.

English Shows
Priesthood, Nuns and the Eucharist

Catholics believe that their priests and nuns possess exceptional divine qualities and characteristics. One Catholic sacrament […]