Centennial Featured
August 1 [Tondo, Manila, Philippines]

Before they travel back to their respective countries, brethren who had come to the Philippines for […]

Iglesia Ni Cristo Centennial Special

The importance and significance of the Centennial of the Church of Christ.

English Shows
Featured News: Pineda, Manila, Philippines

What are Iglesia Ni Cristo members focused on, even more than the centennial anniversary of the […]

English Shows
Featured News: Central Temple, Quezon City, Philippines

Nearing its 30th Anniversary, the Central Temple received a new feature, to improve the quality of […]

Christian Music Video: We Are Warriors

Lyrics & Music by: Brother Rex Rosquites Arrangement by: Victor Laguisma Vocals: Rey Rosquites and Renee […]

Family Shows
Let’s Sing Centennial Special

Celebrate the centennial with the youth of the Church of Christ

Everything Is Clear

CMV – Sing This Song With Me

“Sing This Song With Me” Lyrics and Music by Angel Membrere, Jason Salazar & Stephanie Salazar […]

God’s Righteousness

Music & Lyrics by: Brother Garry Canete Arrangement by: Brother Gary Robinson Vocals by: Brother Gary […]